The Need for Change

Video Transcript:

Organizations today are under more pressure than ever. 

Market demands, legal requirements, security concerns, and digital disruption are changing the game quickly and large enterprises are challenged to adapt to these changes. 

When faced with a wave of rapid change, typical strategies tend to emerge. 

We’ll add more people! Sure, adding more people in the right place can help, but it doesn’t always mean a distributed work load. If team members are aligned to their department silos rather than to a common vision, more people can many times pile up the work. 

We’ll add more process! In an attempt to control outcomes, more checkboxes are added. Process definitely has its place, but many times it can slow things down as people become aligned to adhering to a system, rather than making decisions that benefit the business. 

We’ll add more technology! Technology can certainly add value and in a digital world it’s a necessity. It can also cause a lot of waste and bloat, especially when it’s past its useful life. Think of how many systems you use in your organization that are more of a time and money vacuum, rather than a value creator. 

We end up creating systems that are inefficient, time consuming, and expensive. Our employees are working more hours, yet getting less done. The focus tends to be more on maintaining the system itself, rather than doing what the enterprise is there to do…which is creating value!

So how do we move forward? We know that what we’re doing now isn’t working. Congratulations! We call this epiphany the tipping point. Now that we recognize the need for change, we can explore ways to make the enterprise work better for everyone. 

Bret Piontek